Instance argument for Actions


The result["error"] or result["instance"] being None.

I just pulled the latest repos to test Action icons and indeed found these returning None. It’s strange that before it did actually work and run through the code. Was it ignoring the context maybe? Anyway, thanks @tokejepsen, checking for None works as expected.


Were they returning None even when there was an error, you mean? If you can post a reproducible, that would be perfect.


Yes, well… the others (other instances) returned None. Say you run an Action and have two instances. One of them fails, the other succeeds. Because the first failed the Action becomes available. If you run the Action then the other instance will still be iterated and would have result["error"] is None so you’d have to ensure you’re catching that.

Similarly in any Action the result["instance"] is None at least once because of the “Context” being iterated (if I understood @tokejepsen correctly). I think this is new behavior since I can’t recall having that problem before.

Does that help?