Pyblish 1.1 Released

Updated Pyblish for Windows to 1.0.9, with a few important bug-fixes and one primary new feature which deprecates another.

>>> import pyblish.api
>>> pyblish.api.registered_hosts()
# Result: ['python', 'mayabatch', 'mayapy', 'maya'] # 

The function replaced by this, pyblish.api.current_host(), still works, but has been deprecated. It is recommended that you transition to using pyblish.api.registered_hosts() which will return a list of currently registered hosts.

current_host() now returns the tip of this list, which is compatible with how hosts are registered by default in the updated integrations, so nothing should break.

  • Maya
  • Nuke
  • Houdini
>>> pyblish.api.current_host()

Host registration is typically the responsibility of an integration, such as Pyblish for Maya, and looks like this.

def register_host():
    """Register supported hosts"""

Is included in the integrations setup() function and exposed at the top level.

import pyblish_maya

Updated to Pyblish for Windows 1.1.0, again with a few important bug fixes and one major feature.

To install using installer

  1. Download and run setup.exe

To install from the command-line

$ git clone
$ cd pyblish-win
$ install

What’s new

New feature, validate-only from Pyblish QML.

Customised Ports

Maintenance fixes include being able to customise the ports at which clients communicate with Pyblish QML.

import pyblish_maya
pyblish_maya.setup(port=10001)  # Defaults to 9001

Following this command, Maya will attempt to claim port 10001 unless it is already occupied by either another host, or another unrelated process on the local machine. This ensures that ports can never run out, enabling a host count of ~40.000.

Pyblish X 0.1.7 - Full list of changes

  • Updated Pyblish to 1.1.6
    • Bugfix: Duplicate instances was allowed (#219)
    • Added pyblish.plugin.plugins_from_module
  • Updated Pyblish QML to 0.3.0
    • Feature: Added button Validate (#115)
    • Enhancement: Added the ability to customise the port
      at which QML distributes ports for connecting clients. (#114)
    • Enhancement: Added additional metadata to terminal
  • Updated Pyblish Maya to 1.1.2
    • Added argument port to setup()
  • Updated Pyblish Nuke to 1.1.2
    • Added argument port to setup()
  • Updated Pyblish Houdini to 0.2.2
    • Added argument port to setup()
  • Updated Pyblish Integration to 0.1.3
  • Updated Pyblish RPC to 0.2.2