Pyblish 1.2 Released

Just wanted to say +1.

Having the Collectors visible is a great plus but at the same time I noticed the list plug-ins just expand as you go and at some point there’s just a lot which seems like “black magic” to most artists.

It’s really good at the moment that one is able to see such an extensive overview of what’s happening, but I can see many artists getting confused by most of it. Having less technical people join the conversation and telling us “what is all they need” would be best. Definitely something I’m having a look at to tackle it in the coming weeks to get some answers to.

I’ll mock something up about this in the morrow, I think I might have a solution to this.

Guessing you already have something in mind with that, but just wanted to weight in. Have the instances and errored plugins would be the most condensed view I can think of.

I only have a suggestion in mind, do share any ideas you can come up with.

Mine will be about hiding the current front-page under a secondary tab, and making the front-page be a single textfield for adding a comment (to["comment"]).

1.2.5 has been pushed, with the ability to provide multiple families to instances, and specifically for Maya, more solid menu item and icons.["families"] = ["geometry", "human", "primary"]

This would typically be utilised in your Collector, to expose a particular Instance to available plug-ins. For example, you may install a series of plug-ins from an external source, such as Pyblish Magenta, and register interest in some of it’s plug-ins, such as it’s ability to export alembic files, or Pyblish FTrack and register interest in having an instance be registered with FTrack.

In short, it’s a brave new world! :slight_smile:

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1.2.6 has been pushed, with support for “Quick Toggles”, implemented by @tokejepsen.

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