API Documentation

Hi all,

I’m looking to improve upon the (currently poor) API documentation.

I personally find the Sphinx-style auto-generated documentation very difficult to write as an author, to read as a viewer and to search.

What I do like is the Qt documentation in which each class is laid out flat in an easily searchable manner, and inside information is intuitively laid out in a structure that fits any class/method.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

The front-page would summarize the site, mention how to use the sidebar and point people to surrounding areas, such as the main Pyblish Guide, Wiki and related wikis of other repositories.

The sidebar then hosts a tree-view of all available classes and their methods and properties.

Let me know what you think!


Hi all,

I’m putting together an effort to fully cover and strengthen the Pyblish API in the form of another GitBook.

With this, we’re getting quite a library of content now for Pyblish, and I would like to encourage you to write up your own tips and best practices in the form of a GitBook such that we could have them published alongside these!


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