Api.pyblish.com down


api.pyblish.com seems to be down for quite a few days now. I first noticed it last Friday and just wanted to wait until it’s back up, but it’s been quite a few days already, so I just wanted to let you guys know… :sweat_smile:


Seems to work for me?

Oh… works on my phone as well, but not on my PC. Issue seems to be with my Wi-Fi then, cause it also fails to load when I connect my phone to my Wi-Fi. Sorry for the false alarm!

Thanks for reporting!

I changed my primary and secondary DNS to and, now it works fine. In case anyone is experiencing the same issue.

Yes, thanks for letting us know, and good to hear it’s working again. The site is hosted on GitHub Pages here, so if that’s down there is a much bigger problem than just Pyblish.