Clickable URL Support?

I would like to include URLs to reference / help pages in Pyblish (tool guide, naming conventions etc)
I want to ask if clickable URLs are currently supported in Pyblish.
If so, is there a best way to do it ?

I saw what looked like sample code for it, but could not get it to work.
As the source file is titled, it may be a kind of source mock up for proposed future features.

Reference URL:

Reference Code:

class ValidateWithHyperlinks(pyblish.api.Validator):

families = ["A", "B"]

def process(self, instance):"Processing instance..")

    msg = "To learn about Pyblish, <a href=''>"
    msg += "click here</a> ("

Hi @virtualengineer, this was built into the QML GUI a while back, and shouldn’t be too challenging to include for Lite as well. The example you found is likely for use in QML, I think those mock plug-ins were borrowed from there at some point.

Technically, I think it would be a matter of replacing the QLabel or whichever equivalent is used in Lite at the moment, with another widget capable of taking on clicks and URLs. A PR for this would be most welcome.

Thanks for the info !
Very helpful, as always.
I will look into it.
Thank you very much!