Collection of 48 reusable plugins for maya validation

Here is a collection of generic pyblish validation checks.

I’ve ported 48 scene validators from the usefull qualityAssurance maya repo to pyblish.
Supports a “fix” and “select failed nodes” action where applicable.
Also inherits warning colors (orange)

you can find the repo code on my forked branch

the code that handles the porting to pyblish is pyblish_wrapper

to register the plugins, first setup pyblish (with GUI) as usual, then run

import qualityAssurance.pyblish_wrapper

(the scripts folder is assumed to be accessible in your path)

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i have not yet tested all validations enough to make sure they all work.
I noticed for example the overlapping face validation fails on a default cube.

overal this was a great exercise on dynamic class creation w factories.
i’m going to look on github for more checks from other tools and have a go at porting them to build up a library of generic checks.

Oh wow, this is huge! Nice work! :star_struck: