Collection of 7 generic Blender plugins

made some plugins based on the Blender Lint repo
They can be found in the pyblish-blender-lint repo


This was mainly a test to get some sample plugins up and running in Blender.

  • The pyblish_blender repo needs updating. Blender update broke the “add to menu” functionality.
  • sometimes QML freezes, happened twice during the day. Blender still works fine then.
  • had Blender crash once, unsure if caused by plugins or if it’s just unstable.

also ran into issues with some checks requiring obj, and some require bmesh.
bmesh can be accessed from obj, so easy to work around but really start to feel the need for a better convertor setup / better way to pass data

  • some of these checks, example no-triangles, are very situation specific. so this is not production ready without being able to modify which plugins to run etc.
  • other limitations:
    the plugins i made in the past that use import - including these ones - wont work on their own since they depend on the import. which kinda defeats the point of drag and drop plugins in a folder.
    doesn’t really work without their env setup.

maybe worth thinking if plugins can be split between basic and advanced. standalone vs dependencies.

getting a basic mesh-check package to work for blender could be huge.
Their community loves opensource.