Comment Bubbles?

I’m just now noticing these comment bubbles next to the context and instance items. Maybe I’m going crazy, but I’m pretty sure they never used to be there in my previous testing and I’m just wondering how I can remove them from the UI.

I don’t want to support comments in my implementation of Pyblish.


Found the icon inside List.qml. At line #72, I just commented out the following block and the comment bubbles no longer appeared:

        //Action {
        //    name: "comment"
        //    iconName: object.hasComment ? "comment" : "comment-o"
        //    iconSize: 12
        //    enabled: object.itemType == "instance" ? true : false
        //    onTriggered: actionTriggered(this, index)

These appear if["comment"] or["comment"] is present. They’re meant to encapsulate an artist-provided comment, you should be seeing a comment-box towards the bottom of the UI as well.

Thanks Marcus for the reply. I found the ‘comment’ key in the instance’s data objects. I assume that its created automatically when an instance of the Instance() object is created?

After creating the instance, I tried to remove the comment from the data structure to no avail. The comment bubbles still appeared.

I’m not too concerned about this. Like I said, I don’t want to support comments in my implementation and I have workarounds ATM. But I thought it was interesting that removing the comment key didn’t remove the comment bubble icons from the UI. Maybe it’s an order of operations issue.