Creating new instances during extraction?

Hello, another newbie question here, just want to make sure I’m thinking about this correctly before I go too far down a path. Say I have a single asset but during publish I want it to be split into multiple files (for example writing out different LOD files). I’m expecting writing multiple files will happen during extraction. Now during extraction would you expect that I save that list of files as data on my one instance, and have the integration plugin expect that list, or would you create a new instance per file during extraction to each be picked up by the integration plugin?

You would have the data on the instance. Following good practice of CVEI, means that we only make instances at the collection stage.

If you wanted your users to have control over which LODs to extract, you could make multiple instances that the user select like; model01 - LOD01, model01 - LOD02 etc.

I agree with @tokejepsen. It’s safe and logical I think to extract the same data multiple times as different representations. In your case, different levels of detail. The integrator could then manage merging them into a single “asset” or otherwise register them as one in a kind of database.

Also it will help with your organization/sanity, if you know that all the instances produced are represented in the UI.

That makes sense, thanks for the reply.