Creator window of starter doesn't show families

Hey there

the asset creator window of starter doesn’t show families already registered in pyblish. The message is " No registered families".

I know families are registered correctly because pipeline.registered_families()
shows them. also when I use

from import creator

the window appears with my registered families. it seams there is something about maya GUI or menu system. The only changes I have made are 1- I changed name of families and 2- add a new one. after these changes all of these happen.

Hi @mosari, just to confirm, do you mean it does work when you call from the Script Editor, but not from the Maya menu item?

If so, you could try and have a look here which is where the menu item is created and associated with a command. Try replacing the function with one of your own, and perhaps print something to confirm it is being picked up correctly.

Hi @marcus, It is strange because what I call in menu “command” attribute is the same function that I call in script editor. both of them are it seams the menu call is something different from what I call in script editor. but this is also impossible.

I’ve created a branch of starter to develop some new features based on my demands. I suppose, I have changed something that causes this strange behavior. Anyway I’m working on it. thank you for your help.

If you find what it is, let me know and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do on my end. And if your fork is public, maybe I could have a look to see what might be causing the issue.

Definitely I will let you know if I found out the cause.
We are at the first stages of development and the source is not already public. but in the future this may change.