Deprecation Warnings

At some point we had deprecation warnings in the GUI, but in the later version of the GUI there aren’t there even though there are deprecation warnings in the log output.

Is there a setting to enable them?

Are you referring to use of the deprecated process_instance and process_context, and the warning symbol showing up to reflect their deprecatedness?

Currently it seems my deprecation warnings are coming from set_data and has_data.

Ah, yes, those don’t have a visual equivalent. But it’s a good idea.

The way the previous deprecation warnings were implemented was a lot more fixed on particular features, coming from evaluate_pre11(), which determines whether a plug-in is using features prior to Pyblish 1.1. But having them appear at any deprecation warning sounds like a really useful thing.

Feel free to make an issue with a feature request so we can keep track of it, shouldn’t be difficult to implement since the visuals are already there.

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