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Introduction to Pyblish

Introducing Pyblish, a framework for rapid integration of publishing into production pipelines, with production proven examples of how it is being used today with ftrack.

The Pyblish team will discuss the idea of “publishing” from scratch - what it means and how to use it effectively.

More information about Pyblish and ftrack can be found here:


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More information about Pyblish can be found here:


Does that work for you?
Want to lock down today so we can start promoting on Monday


Looks good, except for the duplicate use of the word “production” so close to each other.

Introduction to Pyblish

We’ll talk about “publishing” - what it is and how to use it effectively, and introduce Pyblish - a Python framework for the integration of publishing into production pipelines and give you a few practical examples of how to use it with ftrack.

More information about Pyblish can be found here.

How’s that? Would you prefer it shorter? More mentions of ftrack? More/less links to things?


We’re live!


@benminall would it make sense to highlight that it’s a guest speaker?

"Guest speaker Marcus Ottosson of Abstract Factory introduces Pyblish - the Python framework for the integration of publishing into production pipelines - with the help and practical examples from Toke Jepsen and Milan Kolar of Bumpybox and Kredenc

More information can be found at"

Just a suggestion; no need to alter anything. What do you think @mkolar and @tokejepsen?


Sounds good to me😀



I’ll be showing maya and maybe Houdini, which is all from Kredenc where I’m permanently based. I was only deploying nuke for PFX



Are you guys free sometime today to run through the talk a few times? Also which of the two descriptions do you prefer? The latter? @benminall is it an option to edit the current copy?


I’ll be away for most of the day today. So I could do it tonight after 9pm UK time or tomorrow practically anytime.


We can change the copy on Monday, can you send me what you are thinking


@mkolar and @tokejepsen, are you available for a run-through tomorrow morning, around noon-ish?

@benminall the current and above copy works for me; I’ll let you and your team decide which is better in terms of marketing and ftrack.


That works for me.


Ok, here’s the test meeting. Let me know if you can’t make it.

For this first run, I figure we’d mainly say hello and test out the equipment/software. I noticed for example during another test that the frame rate is incredibly poor; around 0.2-1.0 frames per second. So video or gifs might be out of the question, which is too bad as it would have made illustrations easier to get across and maybe make the visuals more interesting overall.

Let’s find out what other limitations we have to work with, and what is provided by gotomeeting in terms of taking questions and balancing peoples microphones.

The next time (next week, same time?) I figure we’d do a real test run where we’re prepared to keep our meeting to 20 mins and make note about potential questions that might pop up, along with gathering a few to throw into the mix in case there is a lack of questions.


Tomorrow sounds good to me.


Just to confirm; I posted that yesterday, and was referring to today’s morning. In 15 mins. :slight_smile: Are you still able to join?


Hahaha. I’m ready :smile:


Ohh😀 Won’t be in the office today, so haven’t got access to the pipeline.

Should we do a run through sometime tomorrow or next week?



We just had a chat with @marcus now to see how the ‘gotomeeting’ works and wen’t through the structure quickly. I don’t have access to pipeline outside of work either so this week. we can go through a little test of it.


Here’s what I can show, and of course I can be flexible in cutting out or stretching it as needed. I’m thinking it should easily fit within 3-4 minutes showing both maya and houdini. I’ll properly test it tomorrow and if it’s too long I’ll cut out houdini and just mention that it works there too :wink:

Pyblish in Maya

  • Open animation scene with prepared sets ready for publishing.
  • Open pyblish and point out the relationship between the scene (sets and shot camera) and what we see in the UI.
  • run the publish (I think me or @tokejepsen could put something in there that fails, so we can repair it on the spot)
  • Show in the folder where was the work file and what was created for us in the publish.
  • Show newly created asset version in the ftrack webUI with thumbnail and all it’s components.

Pyblish in Houdini

  • Show how quickly scene can be published, so technically just show the scene context (very small scene this one.), hit publish and show new deadline job created for it with ftrack attributes waiting to be processed.