Ftrack <3 Pyblish = Webinars


Tables are turned for me; I will be in an office and therefore will be unable to run it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

But it would be great if you and @mkolar could get together and balance your talks; like one showing plug-ins running and succeeding, whereas the other highlights a failed validator and the kind of information provided to the user at that point. Some overlap isn’t a big deal though, so don’t sweat it.

About the meeting just now; gotomeeting functionality worked well! Looks like we’ll be able to rather seamlessly transition between me showing slides and you guys screencapturing. Got around 5-10 fps on average. There was also an annotation feature you could use to draw on the screen. Milan had to locally install the gotomeeting software though (as did I), you’ll probably need that too @tokejepsen, hope that’s ok. Luckily our viewers won’t have to do that.

Some of the things that struck me as really good to include from your content @mkolar:

  1. Both Maya and Houdini in the mix
  2. That one software explained it from the ground up, whereas the other mainly highlighted that it works here too.
  3. Highlighting of the correlation between what we see in the GUI versus what we see in Maya
  4. (How easy it was to integrate with Houdini, if there is time)

Next week (should we say Saturday morning, to give us enough slack to postpone if need be?) we’ll run it through a few times again but this time “for real” where we actually try and think about time and not stopping.

@tokejepsen does that work for you? That would be Saturday morning, the 20th of February.


Here are the slides WIP.


Just wanted to hop in between all the discussion going on that I’m very excited about this webinar and am looking forward to everyone’s examples. The topics sound extremely interesting and I think it will be a good introduction for many.

Looking forward to it.

Aside from @marcus of course also thanks a lot to @mkolar and @tokejepsen for taking the time with this and sharing into the community. Also seeing ftrack’s support and interest in this is great, shout out to their team as well.


@tokejepsen does that work for you? That would be Saturday morning, the 20th of February

Not in the country from Friday to Monday, so I can’t do the weekend. Any chance we can sort soemthing out during the week days?


Hey @tokejepsen, sure we could. How about Monday 8 pm GMT? @mkolar does that work for you?


Can’t do Monday:( Tuesday?


I’m a bit nervous about how close it is to the day. But let’s give it a try! @mkolar?


i’m good with it


Ok, it’s a date!


Quick screen recording showing what I could in the 5 mins;


Awesome, thanks for this @tokejepsen.

Some notes.

  1. Audio and video are excellent; tone of voice is very professional and calm.
  2. About the footage in the first part; do you have any alternative footage, without “gore”? I’m concerned about our audiences potentially getting stomach ache looking at a what is currently in there. It might sound silly, but it would extend our reach if we could instead use something PG-13.
  3. The validation errors in the last bit, and that you are showign how to fix them; awesome
  4. About the way you are fixing them, seeing as “repair” and the wrench is a deprecated feature, would it be possible to instead use Actions for this?


Thought that might be a problem:) Got a backup shot I’ll prep.

This is how production works here atm. I’ve been meaning to progress to Actions, but haven’t had the time. I’ll see what I can do, but maybe a disclaimer would do as well?


I know, it makes sense, but I’m wondering whether it would be possible, just for this webinar, to do the very same thing using Actions. I’d like to avoid a million questions about how to use it and why there isn’t any documentation for repair, whereas Actions is up and coming and more happily supported.

Practically, I would imagine you moving the repair() functionality into an action, and adding that to the same plug-in. What do you think?

It’s either that, or I think we shouldn’t show repair at all.


@tokejepsen and @mkolar, if you’d like your pictures in the slides like in the slides WIP, could you post or send me a circular version of the picture you’d like to include? Make it 100x100 px.

Alternatively we could not have images, though I think it is a bit more approachable to have it there.


will do this weekend.


@benminall How does images and copyright work with a webinar? Is it safe to use random images off of Google, or should we stick to text and handmade illustrations?


Hi Marcus

As it’s a free webinar with no financial gain, it’s fine to not include any reference.

A simple ‘Source:’ would be enough if you want to add any references.


Awesome, thanks Ben. I’ll send you any references we might use before Thursday, just to make sure.


Would be good to have a run through so everybody familiar with gotowebinar eg viewing and answering questions changing presenters, unless you already have


We’ve done a brief run through last week, and we’re having the next one tomorrow at 8 pm GMT. You’re welcome to join.