Ftrack <3 Pyblish = Webinars


I’m sure it works fine. We’ll be trying it here and see what people think actually using it.

About the multiple files. For example when assembling some bigger scenes, people tend to have multiple maya files open that are being referenced into each other. But mostly it’s having more softwares open, so I don’t see any problems with it myself. Modeler might have zbrush and maya open at the same time from the same task, but that doesn’t affect open last files, because they are different formats of course.

Oh well. I doubt anyone will take out the pitchforks if I implement it :slight_smile:


In this situation we would probably make multiple tasks for whatever needs to be referenced into the main scene, and have a task for the main scene.

zbrush and pyblish?

Only thing that I want to implement it having all the different formats to version together, similar to what they talk about in “Two Guiys and a Toolkit”. Gets slightly confusing when you are working on v008 in Maya and v001 in Nuke. On the todo list:)


@marcus you should mention that a recording will be available


Will do, @benminall


Ok, canned questions.

In case no one asks anything, what do we fill the void with? Suggestions?


Could save the explanation about how we are opening the files to the Q&A.

Could explain about the shared package between Milan and mine’s workflow; Deadline.

Some suggestions to the future of the project? Sharing plugins more, etc.


Even better would be to talk about the Ftrack extension, that we are both using.


That would probably be the best one in this case.


Do we get a link here to the webinar, or do we need to register from the ftrack site?


Good question. :S

I got an email with this link, see if that works for you.


ahh, yes I did actually get an email for it:)


Ok guys, once we start, could you type these questions into the webinar app? Along with who you want to have answer it; if it’s the ftrack extension for example, it should probably be one of you guys.

I’m expecting @benminall to start things off on ~5 mins.


Looks like Ben isn’t around yet. We might be running late.

No worries, we all know what to do. @tokejepsen and @mkolar, are you ready?


Yay well done guys


So we had a beautiful blunder with a double failed plugin :D.

Urgent production update going south today.



I might have closed the webinar too abruptly. Didn’t know what to do once the clock ran out and didn’t want to waste peoples time. But I should probably have mentioned the forums!


I think its easy to find.


@benminall Can we post the links we promised in the video along with the video when it goes live?

I think it would be a good idea to include the ftrack extension, Magenta, and also Milan’s plug-ins should be interesting. Along with a link to the forum.


Incidentally, I also had these problems today. @BigRoy has been adding some new features to maya-capture, and it looks like some of those are Maya 2016-only.



I’m still on my custom version and will be updating to his latest tomorrow probably. This was a typo in my code as usual. Tested just before though and it worked. Magic.