Ftrack <3 Pyblish = Webinars


Ah. Ok. Well, do keep an eye out for some bugs in the latest version as well. I’m testing it daily at work and will try and report and squash all of that.

Anyway, that’s off topic for this thread. Let’s create/talk in issues about our discoveries.


Was able to watch the entire Webinar on my phone (pretty nice that it actually worked) since I was hopping trains. You did very well and everything came across very clear. Great job guys!


Here’s the unedited recording, in Unlisted mode.

I’ll let Ben have solo distribution rights on it so we can more easily get a sense of how and where it is being watched from a single source.

Links to go with it.



@marcus, going to edit recording before we post can you send me original?


You should have received the original, via a Dropbox link, to your email last Thursday. Let me know if you need me to send it again.