Growing userbase

Hi all,

I’ve gone through emails, GitHub, the forum and face-to-face conversation to compile a list of our current known userbase and listed them on the main website.

For completeness, and a record of users as of today, here they are.

If you know of anyone using Pyblish that is not on this list, let me know or add them yourself.

As with any product, only a fraction of users make themselves known on forums (think of how many forums you are part of for the products that you use) so I expect this to only be the tip of the iceberg!

Call for action

Anyone inspired by the sheer amounts of projects being “pyblished” today and would like to take part in improving upon it further, here’s a top-level list of areas in need of focus today.

  1. User interface
  • Publishing wouldn’t be anywhere if it could not appeal to our end-user - the artist. Both pyblish-lite and pyblish-qml are shaping up nicely, but there is lots to improve. See the issues section for pyblish-qml, these mostly apply to pyblish-lite as well, which also has it’s own issues section.
  1. Package manager
  • After 2 years of use in lots of different productions of different requiements and practices (see list above!), it’s safe to say that Pyblish is now solid enough to be at the foundation of any pipeline. Now is the time to build upon this and devise a more convenient method of distributing our work. We’ll draw inspiration from and Sublime Text, the simplest and most efficient distribution platform I know, and build a package manager for Pyblish. To join the conversation and implementation of this effort, see the corresponding issue on GitHub.
  1. Development
  • For the developer building a pipeline with Pyblish, there is a need for (1) managing the PYBLISHPLUGINPATH, (2) providing more relevant information whilst developing each plug-in. For management, I’d imagine a graphical user interface where the developer or artist can list all available plug-ins, choose which to associate to which project or task. I invite you to think about your needs and share your thoughts either on GitHub or here on the forums.

Enjoy, and speak soon!