How do I update Pyblish?


From your distribution.

$ cd pyblish-win
$ update

This will require an internet connection and should take less than 1 minute to complete.

When finished, you can experience the joy and wonder of being a child in supermarket test lol signum lorata lorem ipsum.



This will help:

  • Baziiing!


Yeah, that didn’t help at all.

What else you got?


How about this?

  • Kazaam!


No, that… no. Just no.


Ok… maybe… this?

  • Bazinga!


Yes! That!

Thanks a lot!


Loving the split personality :wink:


Bazinga? :open_mouth:

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I’d say it should be removed. Some people like to be short and to the point.


I think I agree.

I’m hesitant, because I trust the guy who developed this thing (the guy who made stackoverflow) so he must have had good intentions.

There is a Like button, for folks who just want to say “Me likey”.


That’s exactly what I thought :smiley: