How to communicate pyblish validation result with Maya (or any other hosts)?

I would like to use pyblish as an extra validation tool outside shotgun toolkit publish2.

Now I am planning to validate in pyblish, and then pop out the shotgun toolkit Publish window and process the publish.

I am having trouble on trying to make pyblish communicate with shotgun toolkit (Or saying the Maya hosts).

I tried to refer, but I failed to understand what happened.

I can’t get pyblish_qml.client module, and also when I checked netstat -a -o | find "" I can’t find any port corresponding to pyblish_qml even though my plugin is working.

Did I miss anything?

Hi @cc886, sorry for the very late reply, holiday times over here.

The resource you’ve found there is old, very old, and no longer relevant to Pyblish QML. It no longer uses the network to communicate, but interprocess communication via subprocess.

When you say you want to make Pyblish communicate with Shotgun toolkit, what do you mean exactly? Pyblish is running in the Python process that calls on it, and Pyblish QML will be communicating with that Python process. Any plug-in you write and use with Pyblish is equally accessible via Pyblisih QML.

So if you import and call on anything from Shotgun toolkit via any plug-in, that should work out-of-the-box.

If you could take me through the steps to reproduce any issue you are seeing, or record a video demonstrating it, that would help in understanding the problem I think.

Ps. where did you find that resource? I’d like to update any links that reference it.