Is it possible to use PyQt Signal/slot with Pyblish

I am trying to implement a thread which then emits a PyQt signal, I want to feed the emitted value into my Pyblish class for validation. The way I have been implementing results in just the first value showing up in pyblish window (i am using pyblish-lite for ui). Is it possible to use signal-slots with Pyblish? Thanks!

Hi @Karan_Tyagi, and welcome to the forums!

Would you be able to post a reproducible of what you’ve got so far? It would help clarify the goal, and give me something to work with.

Normally, Pyblish pulls values from e.g. disk, the environment or attributes from a DCC like Maya. A signal on the other hand pushes values whenever it is emitted. For you to expose pushed values, you would likely need to store them somewhere such that Pyblish can later read from it. Such as in a module…

import some_module

def on_my_signal(some_value):
  some_module.my_value = some_value

Or a file, or an attribute in e.g. Maya.