Learn and api pyblish.com down

Hi !
I noticed that the links learn.pyblish.com and api.pyblish.com take to a sad 1001 dns error.

I tried from different computers and from my phone as well, they all seem to fail so I guess the issue might be at the source (hopefully I’m wrong lol).

The learning material is really well done and was learning a lot from it.
I am wondering if maybe there is a different location where I can access the content for the learning material and the api, for the time being.
Thank you for providing this amazing tool !

Thanks for letting us know @Alessandro_Pepe, I can see it too. Investingating asap.

You can find the material here in the meantime.

Ok, might take some time for the addresses to update, but the problem should be resolved. Thanks again for pointing this out! :heart:

fantastic !
thank you @marcus