Learning Pyblish by Example

Hi all,

There is now a guide for getting started with Pyblish by learning from a series of short examples.

You will learn

  • The basics of publishing in the production of film and games
  • The fundamentals of Pyblish and it’s API
  • How to validate content
  • How to guarantee valid content on export
  • How to properly position and name content according to convention
  • How to visualise the results of one or more publishes
  • Developer and Artist communication through the UI

Table of contents

How to install

If you haven’t already, go ahead and install Pyblish on any platform.

Additional Material

In addition to the guide, there is also a number of articles on intermediate to advanced topics on this forum, here are some.




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Hi all,

Just a heads up, I’ve cleared the guide from some minor bugs, all examples now run fine under Pyblish 1.3.


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Hi all,

Another heads up, the Guide is now fully compatible with Pyblish 1.4!


There was a few issues from chapters 4-11 - from validation until CVEI - where plug-ins wouldn’t run because instances were only being created during the “collection” stage, that is, when order=0. This is new behaviour, and I think highlights some newer assumptions we’ve made that on one hand make Pyblish smarter and predictable, but at the same time less flexible and straightforward. Pros and cons. Time will tell whether other issues will appear beacuse of it.