Missing Plugins

We are experiencing this problem a few times a day. The GUI is empty with no plugins registered;

And this is whats in the Pyblish tray;

Launching Pyblish QML..
Listening for output..
Starting Pyblish..
Spent 587.00 ms creating the application
Launching virtual host..
Virtual server listening on127.0.0.1:9001
Listening on
Entering state: "hidden"
Entering state: "ready"
Entering state: "clean"
Entering state: "alive"
Finding available port..
Distributing new port 9001
Finding available port..
Distributing new port 9002
Bye bye 9002!
Quitting due to loneliness

After restarting the Pyblish tray, everything is either back to normal or we get this;

Any good ideas?

Since a recent release, the “Qutting due to loneliness” could happen when one of the plug-ins ran for a long time, and as such “suffocated” the heartbeats that would keep Pyblish from quitting.

I think that with the latest release, it’s possible that this issue should already be resolved. Since then, there is no more loneliness, as Tray would always be there to keep it company. And if it isn’t, a python.exe process would reside in the background and never quit keeping Pyblish company.

Cool, will look at updating:)

Let me know how it goes!

ps. Great information in your post, can’t think of what else I could ask that isn’t already there.