New user. Where do I begin?

I’ve been looking at these Pyblish packages for quite some time and have not had any free time to look deeply into them. We’re starting to ramp down on our project and I now can devote some time to playing around with this. I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the packages, documentation and the interrogations. I can’t thank you enough with the amount of work you and other contributors have done. I hope to be at a point to contribute as well. Looking foward to diving in. Now on to the topic.

I’ve managed to install and integrate pyblish-base, pyblish-lite and pyblish-maya into our pipeline’s PYTHONPATH. I have the UI and publish menu all working nicely. Great!

My use for Pyblish is a pretty simple one. We need to really just validate assets in different stages. Validate static meshes in one file, validate skinning and other various pipeline requirements in another and validate an anim rig file. My question is it the job of the Collector to determine what plugins get used at these various stages?

Also, I saw this Magenta package. Is this a good look into how Pyblish could be implemented? I couldn’t find any docs on how this project should be setup and used. I’d like of like to work with a working example to get a better sense of what is happening.


Hi @Sean, welcome to the Pyblish community and thanks for the warming praise!

Sun is descending over here, but I wanted to leave you with a starting point before returning with more information at a later time.

Once you’re comfortable with this, I would start browsing the “intermediate” links on the front page of that guide, they link back to this forum at various points of interest.

Thanks @marcus for the quick respones.

Have a good night and look forward to further info.
I’ll dig into the links :slight_smile:

Hey @Sean, just checking in on how things are going? Did you manage to make sense out of the getting started guide?

Let us know if you need anything else, and if you find the time to share your encounters, or just want to talk strategy, the forum is a great place to do so. :slight_smile:

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Hi @marcus,
Thanks for checking in. I did get a chance to read through the docs. Lots of great stuff. It’s all a bit fuzzy but there are a lot of great examples and I’m sure it’s just a matter of working with it to grasp the concepts. We have a pretty small team and there is just a few of use that would use this framework. It will be a matter of absorbing it all in. I’m sure I’ll be back in from time to time with questions.