Pyblish Award 2020 - The Pipeline Conference

Finally got permission to upload this!

With about 600 industry folks in attendence at this years DigiPro/TPC event (hosted online), I held a little acceptance speech for this years Tool Award.

I’ve included the full award ceremony, and linked to the interesting bit where I thank my fellow contributors, especially Roy Nieterau, Toke Jepsen, Milan Kolar and David Lai (whose names I surely mispronounced!) :smiley:

Still waiting on the physical award statue, after having it broken in shipment once already. I will be sure to post a selfie here once it arrives.

Here’s a screenshot till then. :slight_smile:

Some more visibility.


Fantastic! Congratulations to all the contributors. All of the hard work you’ve put in is really appreciated.

Congratulations guys! Well deserved after all your hard work! :slight_smile:

Awesome !!