Pyblish Boy - New Video!

Hi all, I wanted to share the latest “hook” for Pyblish, designed to grab attention and get more people on-board, especially in light of the recent CG Award.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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That’s looking really good. Awesome.

Here’s some extra topics that could be covered. I personally think it would be great to have them as very short videos (like the one you showed) that can be found online together in a Pyblish playlist (both youtube/vimeo?)

This way they can be easily found online and you can watch the individual topic you’re interested in without scrubbing through minutes of content.

Pyblish supports multiple operating systems and DCCs

A nice additional video could be showing the same Validators running in another application (eg. Softimage/Houdini) to show that it’s already supported by multiple DCCs. I think that’s what worked really well as a promotion for Fabric Engine and Houdini Engine. And of course it’s one of the strengths of Pyblish as well.

Showing the GUI running under Windows, Mac and Linux plus under multiple applications (just quick cuts/slides between those) to show it runs!

Kind of how Dropbox is known to be written in Python that’s also how Pyblish could come forward. (Could also gain backing from Python itself with regards of promotion?)

Easy to pick up and extend! (non-technical)

The fact that Pyblish allows you to configure everything to your needs in a quick and simple way is great to show off. Maybe something that shows it’s easy to pick up Plug-ins and start combining Selectors, Validators, etc. to state You don’t need to be a programmer to structure your own publishing pipeline!

This could even show off some different Extensions/Integrations that are already around. Like those for deadline, ftrack, etcetera.

Customizable to your needs (technical)

This could briefly show that any Plug-in is basically a small Python class. It would be great to show some simple production-ready plug-ins that have a small code footprint. This way we show that critical validations required for any pipeline are easy and quick to implement yourself!

Getting started with Pyblish

A quick rundown of installing for anyone who doesn’t like messing around with code. Basically where do I get the installer, how does it run and where do I drop additional plug-ins that I can find online. This could also show how to install extra Extensions/Integrations.

Community & Support

A small video showing the Pyblish forums and maybe some of the Active collaboration going on in Github. This could briefly show & explain that Pyblish has an active community with steady ongoing progress/updates. Also it’s a good place to briefly identify where to get the right support, where to find and discuss the open issues.

Maybe this is also a nice one to briefly show some names/logos/productions that support, are using or have shown interest in Pyblish already.

What do you think?

Hey Roy, I got notified just as you posted this, but hadn’t seen the (really great) update you did until now! Reading now…

I like it. More videos, as opposed to one long video.

I also like the Fabric videos, they’re like chunks of candy you can munch at your own leisure, as opposed to the one 2 hour long tutorial you’ll postpone until you “find the time”.

I’d really like to get some walk-through tutorials going as well, much like how Fabric does it. With narration and that little thumbnail of footage to get more personal. Beyond that, each title in your post would make an excellent video.

Easy to pick up and extend! (non-technical)

This will be true, especially with Magenta and subsequent packages we develop. At the moment though, it would be a tricky sell. Realistically, I think that once Magenta has been through its first project, we’ll need to document it and produce videos similar to what Pyblish itself requires. At that point, Pyblish will truly be useful to non-programmers too.

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Good points. Let’s make sure we get to that point fast! :smiley:

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Let’s. :slight_smile: