Pyblish for Cinema 4D

PM sent! :slight_smile:

Hi @AndreAnjos, do you have any updates on this? Can you share a working Pyblish integration for Cinema4d? At the moment I’m working for a studio that also uses Cinema4d, together with Maya. Using Pyblish would be super helpful in getting assets from Cinema to Maya.

Any help, updates or code would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @jasperge,
Unfortunately I haven’t released anything public yet as my schedule is absolutely crazy at the moment.

I will send you what I currently have for the animation team and anything you like help with I will do my best.
Are you working with specific format between Cinema and Maya?

I will send you a PM soon!



Hopefully those PMs can become replies in this thread at some point, for others to benefit from the progress too. :blush:

HI @marcus,

Indeed! I’m hoping to do some custom examples that make more sense to everyone, instead of having something based on our (AO) pipeline :slight_smile:

Forgive me the time is taking! :grinning: