Pyblish Freeze


In Maya, if you press “Publish” and immidiately press the “Publish” button while it is still initialising/collecting, it freezes Pyblish and the host.

Is this using the latest of all repos, as opposed to those within pyblish-win?

Not using pyblish-win, and not the very latest of the repos. Do you think the latest adjustments to pyblish-qml would fix this?

Mm, I know what it is. It isn’t fixed in any commit. I’ll have a look at it next, could you make an issue for it?

Actually, you could have a look at it yourself if you want. It’s here.

You’ll need to either prevent run from being triggered when Pyblish is already publishing from within the method, or remove the Play button from the GUI when it is publishing so it can’t be pressed.

I’ll get on to this, when I have time:)