Pyblish-ftrack set up

Hello everyone,

I’m new to both pyblish and ftrack. I’ve been following learn.pyblish and managed to get it run in Maya. Now I’d like to add some ftrack-related plugins to it.

I tried adding one from pyblish_ftrack/plugins to the plugins folder of pyblish, when I launch Pyblish from maya, it shows the following error message:
# Error: pyblish.plugin : Skipped: “collect_ftrack_api” (cannot import name ‘collections_abc’ from ‘six.moves’ (unknown location)) #

I updated the vendor/ to the latest version but the error remains. The error comes from the following section of the script:

Please let me know if you have any idea what’s the problem or how to solve it :smiley:

Also, I’m having a hard time trying to find pyblish-ftrack tutorials online. Unlike other modules of Pyblish, the information is quite limited online. Are there any examples/tutorials that I can follow?

Thanks a bunch!