Pyblish-lite middle mouse click

Quick work around for people working without the ability to middle mouse click for errors messages (niche I know :smile: )

import pyblish.api

class LogErrors(pyblish.api.ContextPlugin):

    order = pyblish.api.IntegratorOrder + 1

    def process(self, context):

        for result in["results"]:
            if not result["success"]:
                record = result["records"][-1]

                self.log.error("Path: " + record.pathname)
                self.log.error("Lineno: " + str(record.lineno))
                self.log.error("Message: " + record.msg)

How about a Shift + Click or similar for you folks? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem to work for me.

No no, it was a feature suggestion.

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Ohh, I see. That would work for me :smile: