Pyblish not showing up in tray

On one of my Windows machines when I launch pyblish (installed via the 1.2.4 installer) from the start menu no icon gets added to the tray. If I look in the task manager I can see that a Python process has been spawned.

I’ve traced this as far as confirming that the QApplication event loop is started by the pyblish_tray.Application.start() method, but I’m not sure where to go from here. Any hints on diagnosing this further?

I should also probably note that on this machine I don’t have any problem manually running pyblish-qml via:

C:\Programs\Pyblish\bin\python C:\Programs\Pyblish\lib\pyblish-x\modules\pyblish-qml

Thanks for reporting this @jedfrechette.

To better debug this, I’d recommend running tray manually, as you did qml.

c:\programs\pyblish\bin\python -m pyblish_tray

Tray defaults to running the \bin\pythonw.bat executable, which will hide the console window that would otherwise give you lots of useful output. It’s likely that it will show you what’s going on.

The reason the -m flag works, is because the embedded interpreter will have all the right paths set-up to run any Pyblish library.

I updated the Wiki with some details about this.


~\Pyblish\bin\python -vv -m pyblish_tray

produces this error:

The file paths in that error message look OK to me.

As an aside, should running pyblish_qml via -m work? Trying to execute it that way on both a working system and my broken system it runs without error but the UI doesn’t come up.

Thanks @jedfrechette.

That problem can occur if you have more than a single installation of Qt on your system, and if the versions don’t match. More precisely, it can occur if there are multiple Qt binaries, such as qmlscene.exe in any of the paths in your PATH environment variable.

Is it possible to double check whether this is true in your case? The default installation should reside in C:\Qt, but you won’t need any as it also ships with Pyblish. If you need to an existing install, let me know and we’ll cover that as well.

There is a validation for Pyblish QML you can try.

~\Pyblish\bin\python -m pyblish_qml.compat

It should tell you whether it found any problems with your system, including double-Qts.

Qt detected..

 - Success!

c:\python27\python.exe is well suited to run Pyblish QML


[quote=“marcus, post:4, topic:170, full:true”]
That problem can occur if you have more than a single installation of Qt on your system[/quote]

That was it, an old install of 5.3 hanging around on this dev box.

Even though everything seems to be working now pyblish_qml.compat fails with the same messages on both of my test systems:

    qt.conf misconfigured, prefix directory is not a directory
    Pyblish Suite not found

I’m actually having identical output. on my system.

I noticed this too, I’ve updated the check. It will make it into the next release.

The problem was that it shouldn’t be looking for endpoint anymore, pyblish-rpc has since replaced it. And the qt.conf check is only relevant with a manual install of python-qt, and doesn’t apply to the one included in pyblish-win.

Thanks for reporting it!