Pyblish-QML / PyQt5 / Maya : License Question

As pyblish-qml uses PyQt instead of PySide, I have a question regarding the license.

I was wondering if anyone knows if you need a commercial PyQt5 license to use Pyblish-QML under the following conditions:

Its used for work on a commercial project at a 3d cg vfx studio or game company.
Its used for internal tools only. The tools themselves will not be sold.
The tools may be distributed to third parties / outsourcing companies working on the project.


IANAL, but GPL is free for use in any purpose and only restricts you in distributing software. E.g. if you make proprietary software and make a zip file with it and PyQt5 combined, then providing a download link on your website for money is in violation of GPL, unless you also provide a download link to the source of your software.

Since you aren’t distributing anything, GPL may as well be MIT or public domain. No restrictions. Both Pyblish and PyQt are (L)GPL licenced, the difference being PyQt offers an additional commercial licence that doesn’t affect use, but distribution.

Thanks for the feedback.
I appreciate it.