Setting up pyblish at my job

Hey all,

So at my work, they’ve finally implanted using ftrack and I’ve been interested in seeing improvements we could make towards getting some functionality through pyblish. I was wondering if someone could offer some advice on where to start etc as I’m pretty new to python in general (and setting up something like pyblish for a pipeline).

As of right now, our artists are kind of split with half using nuke and the other half using After Effects. I imagine having something set up for the nuke guys where they would ‘publish’ their renders, it would go through the whole validation process and then output a preview (to ftrack) and a final output to a shared storage that would eventually be delivered once the QC process is done. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

Also, one thing I was curious about is can pyblish handle multiple validation values for different projects? IE, this one project has specific outputs it needs/naming conventions that are different from a different project.

Hi @rallison,

For getting started from scratch, I think the best resource is It should be friendly enough for a Python beginner as well, let me know otherwise.

Yes, this is one of its core purposes. You would put validations in a folder per-project, and add the corresponding folder whenever you work on that project.

  1. Work on Project A, register the folder with validations for Project A
  2. Work on Project B, …

Validations they both have in common would go into a common folder, that is registered in both cases. You can register any number of folders. There will be more details in that tutorial.

Hope it helps!

Thanks! Much appreciated. I’ll let you know if I run into any questions.