Success Stories

Thought I would start this thread, so people can post some success stories about Pyblish. Could be anything big or small.

Kicking this off with a situation we had today. The problem was a total edge case where an artist had input 0 as a framerate in Nuke. Although the code didn’t detect the exact problem, Pyblish did report an error because of a division with framerate, resulting in an division by zero exception.

Slightly on the unfortunate side, that it was an extractor, but the artist did flag it with me, and we sorted the problem and republished. Another validator in the works:)


I just got some good news. I deployed pyblish and ftrack in another studio where I was hired externally just for preparing pipeline.

Today I got feedback after week and a half of usage and over a hundred shots passed through it (within a few days). Overall feeling from artist was that they loved it and felt that it saved them a lot of time. Needless to say, the supervisor was even more pleased.

It was the first time deploying it outside my home studio so all in all it took quite some time to clean up all the code to be reusable, however now I’m confident I could do it in a day. Once there are more plugins out there, more reusable snippets and more experience with situations like what @tokejepsen mentioned. This tool, will frickin rock.


Maya’s renderlayers can’t be toggled in batch, so you have to code your way out or manually go through all the renderlayers:(

Pyblish + section toggling + callback = ability to toggle renderlayers in bulk:)

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