Targets and pyblish_lite

Hey! We’re currently starting to use Pyblish, and I wanted to set up two different menu items, one for publishing locally and the other one for sending the Publishes to Deadline.

I saw a post in this forum from @BigRoy where he successfully used this with Targets - which I’d like to do too. But I’m running into some issues: I can’t get pyblish_lite to run the Plugins that were marked with targets other than ["default"]. The Plugins exist in the Overview Page but don’t have a checkbox next to them and don’t run, even when I manually add the target with api.register_target.

Is this a limitation from pyblish_lite or am I just missing a step?

I’m running pyblish_maya-2.1.7, pyblish_base-1.8.6 and pyblish_lite-0.8.5.

Thanks in advance!
~ Matthias

Hi @Etherkirby, 11 days ago there was a change to targets, it’s possible it’s related to your issues. Could you have a look at downgrading to 1.8.4 and see if that solves it?

Here’s the change.

Sounds promising, I’ll give it a try first thing tomorrow morning and let you know if downgrading fixes the issue. Thanks for the fast reply!

Hey @marcus!

The setup I used for testing this was a bit wonky and caused me to misunderstand the problem. I also had the issue of having to restart Maya after changing the targets of the Plug-Ins. Now that I’ve simplified my setup and restarted Maya in-between, it seems like everything works fine with 1.8.6.

Thanks for the help!

Oh that’s great news, happy to hear it worked out. :slight_smile: