Trying to set up pyblish and running into common problems all typical users hit


Beyond making a video tutorial of how to install Pyblish. Which I will do hopefully by the weekend.
I have a pretty good understanding of what to look for now having started over and making it run…

I am also interested in some very simple usage cases for beginning to start making UI plugins.

Just simple examples to start with to give myself a very very rudimentary level understanding of how to build something in Pyblish.

So lets say for example. I simply want to make one part that checks to see if my object has only polygon quads.

Then do a video tutorial that explains the context of setting that all up. Which I assume checking for poly quads would be part of the “verification” part.

Basically I want to do the “Introduction to the API” section but in little video tid bits.

I looked at some examples but am missing some context myself being a novice to mid range code person who dabbles in MEL and PYTHON and can do for loops, if/when/else, and set up def for usage in button, int/float entry, string based UI.

I’d imagine showing the user… including myself, how to start with something that uses Maya’s commands to send a true or false statement to Pyblish’s UI. YOu have some examples and I will spend more time with them but I am thinking something very granular so that the video explains all this context in a way even a novice person can get a sense of what they are even looking for any why. Kind of like the MEL for Artists tutorial that used to be on Digital Tutors. Explaining strings, for loops etc.

I want to get down to very basic ideas so that each example tutorial for beginners uses one of each of the
CVEI to get a sense of what they are all doing. Then expanding upon it. I am off to do more research at the moment.


Happy to hear you manage to get it solved!

This would be amazing. Just let us know here or in the chat if you need any help with anything. Would be happy to feature something like this on the main website too.