Welcome to the Pyblish community!

Feel free to talk about Pyblish here.

It’s new

Up till now, we’ve been using the issue tracker in GitHub for discussion, so head on there for things to dive into and if you want to discuss anything that doesn’t involve you solving the issue, feel free to open up a thread here!

Why a new forum?

Is Gitter, Wiki and GitHub issues not enough?

In short, newcomers find chatting too personal and issues too formal.

A forum is familiar enough to browse and get a sense of things before committing to actually saying something. Some visit forums daily without ever saying anything for years and can build up knowledge this way, and stay on top of latest trends.

Gitter is great and will continue to blossom as far as I can tell, potentially with more channels to allow for multiple streams of conversations to take place at once. It’s great for personal, direct communication. But it isn’t great with storing this information.

Issues are about solvable problems, and less about discussions. Even though we can have a discussion about a problem, we can’t start topics just for sake of discussing, like whether or not we should extract renderlayers as separate files. And yet this information is valuable and might eventually be asked again.

So far, there are loads of things in Gitter worth hanging onto, maybe not to us as we’re the ones just saying it, but to others.

For static information, like API reference and usage guides, we have the Wiki, but the wiki doesn’t facilitate discussion at all.

So, the goal of the new forum is the same as our Google Groups, but this time, as we are actually using it in sharp production, we have more things to talk about. Newcomers will then be able to search amongst this information, and read only about things they are actually interested in, as opposed to following a single stream of conversation of mixed topics, browsing formal issues or a static wiki.


To sum up the responsibility amongst each channel of communication, see the list below.

  • Issues are for solvable problems
  • Wiki is for static information
  • Gitter is for real-time discussion
  • Forum is a knowledge base


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▸ archetypes/
▸ content/
▸ layouts/
▾ open/
▸ static/


├── pyblish-deadline
│   ├── select_instance.py
│   └── util.py
└── README.md