CGWorld Event with Pyblish

Was emailed a link to an event involving Pyblish in Japan in a few days, neat!

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Cool :slight_smile:

Nice error checking tool;, although Pyblish does the same thing.

I wish he would have listed the differences so one know why to pick one over the other, or use them together and not just one.

He’s really addressed some of the shortcomings of Pyblish, would be cool if Pyblish did those things too!

What shortcomings are you thinking of?


  1. Pre-selection of what appears to be groups of plug-ins
  2. Side-by-side view of plug-in and description
  3. Interactive results of validation (with what I’m assuming is custom Actions)
  4. Interactively running of a single plug-in

It does however appear to involve C++ in order to use it, which is a little unfortunate for adoption. Other than that, the architecture looks mostly intact, with a concept of plug-ins, each plug-in contained in a class and presumably discovered at run-time. I think each of these could apply to the Pyblish GUIs with a little work.

Would this be made with maybe the targets workflow?

Yup, that is interesting. A lot of people here, including myself, find it tricky to select a specific plugin to get to the “Perspective” view.
Its due to the long distance between the plugin label and the arrow button to enter “Perspective”.

Yup, would be cool as well.

Ooo, that’s quite possible yes.

Agreed. We could widen it, to look more like Medic.

Or move the arrow from the right side to the left, so it right next to the label. Then it would be easier to select a button for a specific plugin.