Collection of 25 Maya Mesh validation plugins

Forked the mesh-checker repo and added pyblish support.
link to the fork containing 25 validation plugins

Interesting topics:

  • mix of cmds and openmaya input, for now always provide both as input due to how the original validation function is written.
    but would be a good example of problem areas to investigate regarding “converters”
  • running these tests on a cube is instant in the original tool, but takes about 1 second in pyblish. likely pyblish logging / print overhead

when running time tests on a larger scene, it takes noticable time (10 seconds) in pyblish QML
but near instant in pyblish.util.publish()

so seems to be a pyblish UI thing. both QML and lite

maybe related to the refresh?
since we run 25 validations on 14 meshes (=350 refreshes)
Still ideally it should run at same speed and show where we are.
might have to optimise the GUI

I wonder if it would make sense to create a Pyblish distribution that’s as approachable and easy to install as theirs.

from modelChecker import modelChecker_UI

There’s clearly a demand for it, but getting started with Pyblish currently takes more effort.

that’d be great, to do this we need

  • reusable plugins
  • a smooth setup process so individual artists and indie-devs can use it without having to become a pipeline TD


drag n drop file in Maya/Max

one of the repos i worked with had an even better approach, no coding involved.

a max or mel script you dragged into max/maya
it then runs the installation and adds itself as a button in your shelf

containerised distribution (modules, add-on …)

using pip is hard for artists. so a self contained setup would be great.

  • maya has plugins/modules which can be setup to work independent, and handle their own env variables. this is great for people who dont script etc. since you just drag n drop the module in the modules folder.
    • medic (still needs some script)
  • blender has a similar setup with addons
  • not sure about max, havent used it for a while.
  • unity has unity packages
    tools can be completely containerised.


there is a script named keystone i’ve meant to check out.
it distributes several files as 1 file for maya

worth checking out:

maya modules

blender addons