Pyblish manager [stand alone tool]

created a standalone widget to see what kind of data you have registered in pyblish
allowing you to quickly register new hosts, plugin paths, etc.
it runs both in and out of maya. launching the GUI only works in maya atm.

with all the different plugin setups i m trying out this saves me some time testing


and the repo

This is a great idea. :heart: Reminds me of those database admin panels.

Which makes me think, would this be better suited as a web page/app? Cross-platform, cross-network. Something that general purpose could find a place in pyblish_base, potentially asā€¦

$ pyblish admin_panel --serve

It does raise the question how to display context sensitive data, like plug-ins registered for a given DCC session or show. Perhaps this central location could also be where configurations could be stored and manipulated? Just a thought!

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Webapps is something iā€™d love to learn.
First more client side tech is needed, which later will move to the cloud & run on azure/gitlab runners.
Hence why all planned tools should have CLI support. Iā€™ve got experience with runners, but not yet with webportals.

exactly what I have in mind :slight_smile:

The plan is to code everything in modular chunks, to prevent a huge tool with a fatal flaw, which then needs redesigning from scratch.

This tool gives you an overview of the current state of Pyblish. Registered paths, hosts, etc.
The other tool is more of a plugin/pipeline manager, which does not handle registered paths.
There is some overlap so these tools can be expected to merge at some point.

Isolating every feature results in cleaner code. more fleshed out ideas, and better critique & feedback from you.